Digital ordering options empower customers with greater flexibility for how they place and pay for a grocery or takeout order, where they have it delivered and even where they enjoy their next meal. The challenge is extending the flexibility, convenience and efficiency of deliveries to also apply to curbside and in-store pickup scenarios, which are becoming very popular for busy, mobile consumers who don’t have a second to waste.

The challenges: brick-and-mortar grocery stories and restaurants are not set up logistically to deal with the operational challenges that arise with order online, pickup in store. When orders aren’t ready at the exact moment a customer arrives, it creates congestion and impacts the quality and freshness of the food. Glympse offers a curbside pickup solution, underscored by secure consumer-to-business location sharing, that optimizes the in-store pickup process. It provides clear visibility about customers’ ETAs and proximity, so you can prioritize order fulfillment, maximize limited space and ensure customers always receive their order at its freshest – hot or cold.

Curbside In-Store Pickup

Customer orders online

They get an alert when it’s almost ready

Customer uses app to share location on the way

Geofence triggers alert staff when they’re close

Employees finish packing order

Order is ready right as the customer arrives

Drive Up and Go, No Waiting!

Glympse for Curbside and In-Store pickup helps restaurants, retailers and grocery stores solve for the logistical complexity of order online, pick up in store fulfillment. Glympse offers tools for customers to safely and securely inform brands of their precise ETAs, so those companies can ensure their order is ready at the right time. Customers spend less time waiting, and realize the true convenience of curbside commerce. You’ll get a simple, simple view of inbound customers and tools to help your employees effectively prioritize order packing. If you’re ready to deploy in-store pickup, Glympse is ready to help you execute on your vision.

Order Management Console
On My Way Sharing
Geofence Triggers
Live Customer ETAs
Multi-Channel Notifications
Advertising Placements
Employee Mobile App
Employee Order Prep Alerts
Feedback Capture & Share
Glympse Messenger
IVR Service
Glympse SDK & Rest APIs

No Matter Your Business, We Have a Solution


What’s Next? Blending Delivery and Pickup Can Give Retailers a Competitive Edge

While grocery stores and restaurants may be the first frontier for refining and perfecting logistics of curbside order pickup, retailers are uniquely positioned to perfect a blended buy online, pickup in store experience. Brick-and-mortar locations and physical inventory can be assets (not liabilities) in the age of digital commerce, mobile commerce and on-demand ordering.

With products and people constantly moving, customer location sharing opens up a new dynamic. Allow customers to choose on-the-fly whether they want to pick up their order or have it delivered. Maybe they change their mind several times, and maybe you can even deliver their order somewhere besides their home address. Location services and location-backed communication, like the delivery tracking and curbside pickup experiences powered by Glympse, are the uniting force. Glympse can help you combine pickup and delivery choices into a single customer experience and reduce order fulfillment friction in any scenario.

End-to-End Experiences for Digital Delivery

Curbside, in-store Pickup, click-and-collect, or BOPIS – no matter the name, we can help make it a next-level experience. Get in touch to get started today.