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Connecting with customers, building loyalty and delivering a great experience has consistently been a differentiator in the restaurant business, but the growth of digital technologies and new takeout models makes it difficult to keep up. The same goes for grocery stores suddenly faced with an urgent need to offer same day delivery and lots of choices in their online shopping apps and order trackers. Many are turning to third-party delivery services to compete, which comes with its own set of challenges. Others are choosing to own the experience start to finish.

No matter your strategy, it’s time to take back control of the delivery experience. Customer loyalty – in fact, your survival – depends on it. Static order trackers and simple notifications just don’t quite meet the expectations of today’s on-demand, information hungry consumer. Food delivery is set to grow 12 percent per year for the next five years, and you need a plan.

That’s where Glympse comes in. We’ll help you build a branded last mile delivery tracker that goes far beyond basic updates with rich elements like order and driver details, options for simple last-minute add-ons, integrated advertising, direct messaging to delivery representatives, and most importantly – a real-time live view of the driver on the way.

Food Delivery

Once their order’s placed, customers receive an SMS, email or PUSH notification containing a link to view their unique Glympse-powered order tracker – their first view summarizes order details and tells them when it will be there.


One notification just isn’t enough – show them a real-time view of the delivery driver on the way and give them options for last-minute add-ons via advertising placeholders.


Maybe there’s a sleeping baby, a hard-to-find side entrance or the family is hanging out in the backyard – they’ll be able to give their delivery driver a heads up with Glympse Messenger.


Say goodbye to that awkward moment when a customer is putting the dog away, or staring longingly out the window for their food – Glympse arrival notifications let them know exactly when to meet their driver.


A happy, full customer can be a lifelong customer, so don’t wait for them to make the next move – give them a reason to come back soon, right in the Glympse Journey.


Say Goodbye to Clunky Order Tracking

The Glympse Journey keeps customers informed with clear, real-time location visibility they can trust. It gives them a direct line of communication to your delivery drivers and empowers them with information so they are always ready for their delivery, and can enjoy their food while it’s fresh. Progressive updates, a fully responsive branded web experience, a continuously refreshed and accurate ETA and a live map view of orders on the way removes last mile uncertainty, raises satisfaction, leads to more repeat business and makes your drivers more efficient.

If you’re working toward better delivery in addition to curbside pay online pickup in store initiatives, Glympse is the ideal partner. Our platform allows you to create a single, seamless customer experience complete with delivery and takeout experiences that are faster, more convenient and don’t force customers to wait unnecessarily. Check out our solutions for Curbside & In-Store Pickup.

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No Matter Your Business, We Have a Solution


Seamless Delivery Anywhere Your Customers Are

Online order tracking is essential during a time when 86 percent of consumers buy online. Already, mobile ordering is adding even greater complexity to the core problem: getting food to customers fast, fresh and with an accurate ETA they can count on.

If customers can order from anywhere from any smart device, you’ll need to deliver anywhere. Soon they’ll expect to check in on the go and share real time location so that they don’t even need to wait at home or work for a meal. Imagine if you could deliver their order while they picnic at the park, as they clear the security line at the airport or have it waiting on the front seat of their car as they leave work. If “order from anywhere” is the future, then so is “deliver to anywhere.” You’ll need a mobile-first, location-aware solution that ensures the delivery experience adapts as quickly as your customer moves from place to place.

On Demand Ordering Requires On Demand Order Tracking

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