The shuttle tracker has been a favorite amenity among hotel guests, busy city and airport travelers, and even theme park guests for years. But what good is a courtesy shuttle if they don’t know when it will arrive? With the convenience and low cost offered by ride hailing apps, you risk losing your competitive advantage if you can’t show passengers an accurate ETA for your staple shuttle service.

Not to mention, 40-70 percent of calls to the hotel front desk are inquiries about the status of the courtesy shuttle. What if you could eliminate those entirely, and free your staff up to spend their time on phenomenal service?


Finding the shuttle can be frustrating and confusing

Glympse shows a live map view and precise shuttle ETA

Let them track from their mobile app

Or display in a high-traffic spot

Hotel staff can keep track of shuttles

Lobby and venue displays mean guests can relax while they wait

One simple app allows shuttle drivers to easily select their route, check in at various stops and automatically share location so their passengers always have an up-to-date ETA.


Users can quickly locate and select the correct pickup zone, and see what stop is up next.


Driver profiles paired with pickup zone, shuttle stop and ETA details take all the confusion out of finding the correct shuttle in busy, stressful area.


Savvy travelers want options – Glympse shows multiple shuttles in one easy view so they can decide which one fits their schedule best and take back control of their ride.


Next Stop, No Stress

Glympse for Courtesy Shuttles keeps customers informed with clear, real-time location visibility they can trust, all in a convenient and easy-to-use shuttle tracker. If you’re serious about transforming one of your most popular amenities from a marketing brochure selling point into an experience your guests rave about, Glympse can help.

Shuttle Tracker Viewer
Embed in Mobile App
Multi-Channel Notifications
Points of Interest
Multi-Stop Loops
Track Multiple Shuttles
Request a Ride
Feedback Capture & Share
Driver App
Activity Reporting Console
IVR Service
Glympse SDK & Rest APIs

No Matter Your Business, We Have a Solution


Building Together: Glympse and HERE Technologies Team Up to Deliver a Sophisticated Shuttle Tracking Experience

HERE and Glympse have combined their respective capabilities to build a smart shuttle tracking solution that accounts for all the nuances and complications of shared transportation, and communicates the most important information in a format people want to use.

Glympse includes its enterprise-grade platform that employs mobile platforms and GPS device streams to source accurate location, ETA and geofencing engines, web and mobile components for guest-facing experiences, all underpinned by a big data layer providing reporting and metrics for business, marketing, operations and customer care teams. HERE Technologies ties in its intelligent location services which delivers maps, geocoding, traffic, transit, routing and geo-visualization tools to enable this innovation and seamless journey experience.

Put a Modern Twist on a Favorite Amenity

Build a smarter courtesy shuttle tracking experience. Get in touch to get started today.