Endless Possibilities for Enhanced Customer Experience

Give your end customers peace of mind before, during, and after their service appointment, product delivery, or retail pickup. Glympse provides solutions that facilitate communication between the right people at the right time during the moments that matter most on their day-of-service.

Provide Your Customers with a Premium and Seamless Last Mile Experience

By working with Glympse, you can provide a best-in-class experience. Allow your customers to receive their service appointment, product delivery, or retail pickup seamlessly and with a premium experience they will remember forever.

Empower your customers with a white-glove and personal experience that provides full visibility and transparency, real-time ETA, and proactive updates on their day-of-service.


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Improve Your Digital Experiences and Gather Real-time Data by Providing Convenient Communication Opportunities

Two-way Messaging
Two-way Smart Messaging

Send and receive messages with customers in real time. Keep everyone on the same page with proactive messaging. Send messages based on specific events or triggers that you control. Keep your communications organized and easy to find within the Glympse console or your app. Take advantage of webhooks or 3rd party endpoints for a seamless integration.

Day-of-Service Promotions
Day-of-Service Promotions

Customers engage frequently with the journey app spending 6 to 8 minutes on average using the app. This provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers. You can use this space to provide special instructions, upsell, or simply to send targeted messages. Glympse can connect to a third party ad server or run ads on your behalf.

Day of Service Promotions Marketing
Real-time Customer Feedback
Real-time Customer Feedback

Gather immediate feedback from your customers when the experience is still fresh. Glympse supports 5-star or the NPS models of customer satisfaction. Customizable, free-form feedback is also supported. View feedback in the Glympse console or have the data integrated with your other platforms.

Real-time Feedback

Smart Real-time Location Sharing for Everyone

We have solutions for enterprise brands, startups, small and mid-size businesses, and the everyday consumer. Glympse also plays nice with your developers.

Glympse PRO

Glympse PRO, our small business (SMB) solution, is designed specifically for small businesses to track and share the location of their workers. Glympse PRO, gives business owners better insight into where their staff is, real-time data, and the power to make improvements to their business.

Glympse En Route

Our Glympse En Route enterprise solution is built for businesses needing real-time geolocation solutions to capture and process location data on a larger scale. We help businesses better visualize where their people, products, and assets are to make better business decisions that drive profitability.

Glympse Consumer

The Glympse consumer app is our fast and free app available for everyone to track, send, and share locations with their family, friends, or co-workers. The app is also used for community and charity events to bring fun to location tracking. Available through both Apple and Google app stores.

Our Platform Gives You the Ability to Track Anything, Anywhere

Every business has its own specific needs and challenges. That’s why we build geolocating technology that solves for every use case and develop solutions that are as unique as you are.


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