Back your product delivery
with location-intelligence

Communication makes the magical moment when a customer receives your product better – and more profitable

Be there, as promised

Your customers want to know when their delivery will arrive on their doorstep. And if your business offers high-value products – like furniture or appliances – you want them to know when to expect you.

From your door to theirs, Glympse improves communication for the moments that matter most.

Glympse Product Delivery

Seamlessly deliver products

Live, real-time

Let your customers know exactly when you’ll arrive.

Reduce calls with two-way chat

Answer questions, reschedule, or cancel via text message or via your app.

Accurate ETAs for precise scheduling

Factor in travel time and delivery schedules for first-class delivery estimates

Keep existing infrastructure

No need to change your stack. Integrate Glympse with whatever you like.

Give Proactive Updates

Push notifications let customers know exactly where their order is, even before they call your customer support team.

Capture ratings
in real-time

Instantly prompt customers to leave a review or rating after a positive handoff.

More than a blue dot

Glympse’s location services help your business deliver more than just your products.

Reduce inbound call volume by 70%

Chat and self-service through Glympse save your team serious time

Improve NPS and CSAT

Happier customers are repeat customers

Streamline operations

Stay competitive and spend where it matters most

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