How AI Takes the Customer Experience to New Levels

Guest blog post by Chelsea Cook

It doesn’t matter what product you’re selling or what service you’re providing, it’s the customer experience that drives business to your company and keeps these customers coming back. Customers these days are looking for an integrated experience when dealing with businesses; they want the process to move smoothly from start to finish. Most importantly, customers want the journey to deliver true value for them.

With artificial intelligence (AI) now available – and at your business’ disposal – the customer can be more centerstage to your business than they ever were before. If you want your business to stand out in a competitive market, you’ll need to:

  1. Become familiar with AI.
  2. Identify what AI applications are best for your business.
  3. Bring in expert IT consultancy companies to help you implement these AI applications.

The advanced capabilities of AI can provide your customers with a positive and informed experience that you can’t afford to ignore. Here’s what AI can do for you and your customers:

Improve Customer Service

Customer service has been completely transformed by becoming fast and automated with AI. Your workforce may not be able to quickly pull up the entire history of a customer, but artificial intelligence can.


Gone are the days when customers had to pick up the phone or search through your website to contact you. Much like people everywhere are using Google Assistant and Alexa at home, AI can also be implemented as chatbots to communicate with customers, providing an immediate response to their questions and concerns 24/7. No more mistakes or delays when dealing with customers who want quick and fast service. Chatbots provide a real-time response that elevates the customer experience.

Virtual assistants

AI can also improve customer service by using virtual assistants. These assistants, like chatbots, are able to provide answers to customer queries. They can help online consumers find what they’re looking for just by starting a simple conversation with them…. and guide them in the right direction to making a sale. If there’s one digital tool you should invest in for your business, it’s implementing an AI-powered virtual assistant. Why? It’s predicted that virtual assistants will be on more than 3.3 billion devices by 2020.

“Human” customer service

When some of your services are AI automated, your employees have more time to focus on other “human” ways to connect with customers. For instance, you may use automated AI chatbots to communicate with customers after hours and use “live chat” communication during the day.

Personalize and Interact with Customers

AI lets you streamline the customer experience by fully integrating with them on a personal level. Many businesses make product or service recommendations to their customers based on previous shopping history. Far too many times these recommendations are completely irrelevant, leaving customers feeling like they haven’t connected with your business at all. Gone is your opportunity to gain more sales or to introduce new products to your customers.

Artificial intelligence solves this problem by using machine learning algorithms to pair customer preferences with product-based recommendations.

Build Customer Loyalty

E-commerce is blowing up the internet like never before. But with so many places to shop online, consumers are frustrated and confused over all the messages they receive – every day – from a multitude of different channels. Some of these channels are your competitors, who are doing everything they can to challenge your credibility and reliability. Therefore, you need to secure a high level of customer loyalty – to keep your customers from going over to the competition.

How does AI help build that loyalty? AI uses deep learning to create accurate profiles about all your customers. It analyzes their shopping habits and looks at their record of communication with your business. Then it takes all that information and develops learning trends for you to use as your loyalty marketing program. You’ll be able to offer your existing loyal customers incentives that reach out to them as individuals, instead of spending valuable time reaching “potential” customers.

Create better experiences for your customers and you’ll significantly increase the odds of retaining them. The bottom line for loyalty is to use AI to provide each customer with a unique shopping experience on their own terms.

Support Automated Self-Service for Tech Savvy Customers

The tech savvy customer often prefers not to interact with someone on the other end of the phone. Nor do they want to spend precious time searching for information they need, such as answers to their question in a self-help article. AI can determine which articles will help solve the customer’s issue and make appropriate recommendations based on customer response using NLP (natural learning process) and machine learning.

Who are these tech smart shoppers that prefer the self-automation that AI can provide? Millennials, who just happen to be a market group you need to target – millennials are the largest demographic group of shoppers today.

Streamline Content for Specific Customer Needs

Great customer service is all about personalization – and what better way to make things personal than by streamlining content specific to the needs of each individual. The best way to optimize personalization is by providing up-to-date and relevant content both on your website and through your mobile app. Artificial intelligence can help determine what content should be included in your customer base. It does this by using deep learning models to search for common words and phrases present in any communication you have with your customers, such as email and call log information.

Optimal and Immediate Use of Customer Data

Everything your customers do online produces data – when and often they log in, how often they buy, what they look at without buying, and even the time of day they make a purchase. Without artificial intelligence, it takes time to gather all that data and information from your customers and analyze it. This is one of the tasks AI does really well – it collects real-time information from sales and customer communication with your business and uses it immediately and in the right place. And the more data there is, the better.

AI is able to effectively process huge amounts of data and analyze how accurate it is. It’s this data that will determine what products or services customers will buy in the next few months based on their history of buying.

Analyzing data is one of the most important tasks for your business – data shows you what’s working and what needs to be changed. AI simplifies data analytics and takes it even further. AI gives you immediate feedback to customer data and lets you know what’s a risk and what’s going to be a success.

Wrapping It Up With AI

Are you ready to reach a new level of communication with your customers and clients? No matter how large or small your business is, AI is the next step in providing top notch customer engagement and experience.

About the author: 

Chelsea Cook is an outreach manager and content creator for various businesses. She’s fascinated by technological innovations and cutting-edge solutions that help make the world a better place.

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