Glympse Resources for Small Business

Today Glympse is known for creating great customer experiences for large enterprise companies with our powerful location platform. But 12 years ago we got our start as a location-sharing app for consumers. This app can be used today by small businesses who want to share location for deliveries, food trucks, or even request customer location for curbside pickup. Check out Glympse’s resources for small business below.

Delivery with the Glympse App

Sharing the location of your delivery driver to your customer is simple using Glympse. Just follow the step by step instructions in this Quick Start Guide. Please note that there is no personalization or branding; it is important that employees set up their account name in a way that clearly identifies they are coming from your business. For example, “Charles from Sandwich Shop”.

Curbside Pickup using Glympse

Businesses can also use Glympse to request the location of their customers when they are traveling to the business for a pickup. Find out more about requesting location in this guide. As with delivery, the free consumer app does not allow for branding, so it is important to request the location using a personalized message such as “Paula’s Boutique is requesting your location to make your pickup experience a breeze!”

Create a Public Tag to Share Persistent Location

A Public tag is a way to create a link that you can share on your website or social media to share the constant location of a driver. The use case for this would be a food truck or ice cream truck, or anything that might travel a predictable route that you want customers to be able to track and meet.

  1. Download the Glympse app.
  2. Once you create your account, click on the hamburger button (3 lines) in the top left corner of the app.
  3. Select “Add a tag”.
  4. Name the tag. For example, “capitolhillfoodtruck”
  5. Your shareable link will be!capitolhillfoodtruck (or!yourtagname)

Password Protect your Public Tag

To prevent others from sharing their location to your public tag, add a password.

  1. When you create your tag, after the name of your tag, add curly brackets {yourpassword} directly after the name. For example, capitolhillfoodtruck{glympse}
  2. Anyone who attempted to join the tag CapitolHillFoodTruck would need to include the password in brackets in order for their location to appear on the map. There are a couple of things to know about using this feature:
    1. The password is only enabled if you are the first person in the tag when adding the password portion to the tag name.
    2. Currently, the password cannot be changed once it’s set, so be sure to keep track of the password to avoid headaches later.

Glympse is passionate about supporting small businesses. We’re proud to have a free consumer app that can help meet the needs of many small businesses. After browsing Glympse’s resources for small business, if you find your business has needs that go beyond what our free app can provide, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts to learn more about our enterprise solutions. You can also learn more about creating contactless experiences at

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