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We provide you with the perfect timing to deliver targeted promotions to your customers on the day-of-service

Reaching customers with your targeted ads and messaging is more challenging than ever. We can help you deliver timely, relevant ads to your audience when they are already engaged with your brand, using the Glympse platform. With a 6-8% sales conversion rate using our day-of-service promotions feature, we can help your marketing team hit their goals

What is Glympse?

Glympse empowers brands to transform customer service by providing visibility, tracking, and self-service tools for the new economy. Our innovative technology platform uses location data and intelligence to proactively initiate communication on a customer’s day of service. This proactive approach keeps your brand ahead of your customer’s needs, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

How we can help with your marketing goals

Glympse gives you the ability to:

  • Target your customers with relevant, timely day-of-service promotions when they’re already engaged with your brand.
  • Upsell or cross-sell by strategically delivering ads in the moments when a customer is most likely to act – in the 6-9 minutes of engagement while customers are tracking their order or service. 
  • Calculate ROI with metrics measuring impressions, clicks, and sales conversions delivered right to you.

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