Trick-or-Treat with Glympse

Trick-or-Treat with Glympse

Sorry to be so predictable, but we love Fall and everything it brings with it. The pumpkin lattes and pastries – can’t help it. The beautiful fall foliage – unbeatable in the Pacific Northwest. The fresh, crisp Washington apples and cider – just one of the many, many reasons Glympse loves calling Seattle home.

My personal favorite part of Fall is of course, Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the ghouls! And at Glympse, we’re passionate that trick-or-treating can be equal parts safe and fun. Check out the latest blog post from our friends at HughesNet, including a great recommendation for how to make Glympse part of your plan for a fabulous Halloween with family and friends this year. Happy haunting!

Tricks and Tools for the Best Halloween
By HughesNet

Halloween is a great time for DIYs—from homemade costumes to outdoor décor, cute and traditional to spooky and haunted, there are so many creative ways to have fun in October. There are also tons of fun Halloween apps that can help make your Halloween safer, more creative, and more fun. Take a look at our online tools for a Happy Halloween. Read the entire article.


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