Pandemic Means Changes in Consumer Behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic has created changes in consumer behavior. Perhaps the most striking change is how once simple social interactions are now fraught with complexity. This includes all types of purchasing decisions, from as small as a loaf of bread to as large as a car. Every company needs to be ready to alter their shopping experience in order to prioritize safety while still putting the customer first.

Pandemic has created changes in consumer behavior that will remain

While we are all hoping for a swift end to the pandemic, the reality is that even successful public health advancements will likely do little to revert consumer behavior to a pre-COVID state in the short term. The rollout of a potential vaccine will be measured and slow, and even once trepidation surrounding other types of social interactions has relaxed, consumers may still prefer the contactless options that they have grown accustomed to. 

Auto dealerships are facing unprecedented challenges

While many retailers have been quick to provide contactless shopping options, it has been more difficult for auto dealers to act quickly because of the logistics involved in car purchases. It’s much simpler for a grocery store to send out an employee with a customer’s order for pickup than it is for an auto dealership to deliver and retrieve vehicles for test drives and trade-ins. Let alone navigate the financial intricacies inherent in a car purchase remotely.

This doesn’t mean that customers won’t still have the expectation that auto dealerships provide a safe and contactless experience. 

“Deliver and collect” helps provide outstanding customer experiences in the new environment

With Glympse, dealerships can easily implement a “deliver and collect” system for your customers that will provide them with the buying experience and appropriate safety measures they expect. The Glympse platform utilizes real-time location tracking and instant notifications that enable your team to anticipate customer arrivals and seamlessly execute a safe buying experience. When your customers opt-in to share their location data with Glympse, your sales team can know exactly when to have their car ready for a contactless test drive, and when it’s ready to be retrieved.

The Glympse SDK also makes it simple for you to install and start using right away, and even easier for your sales and customer support teams to navigate without the need for extensive onboarding periods. With the current economic conditions, even small timeframes can make a huge competitive difference, so the ability to implement an effective solution that you can get value out of quickly may be the difference between being a market leader and falling behind the competition. 

You must be able to adapt to meet your buyers’ needs

The realities of the pandemic have changed the way we shop, but data suggests there are still consumers making big-ticket purchases. Businesses that rise to the occasion will win-out in the long term. “Today, you must keep pace with your customers’ ever-changing expectations,” said Chris Ruff, CEO, and President of Glympse. “In the fast-paced modern era that we’re now living in, Glympse is how you do just that.”

To learn more about how Glympse can help you enact a contactless “deliver and collect” solution for your dealership, read more about our solutions on our website, or get in touch with one of our experts today. 

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