Mind the Service Gap

Last week I had an amazing customer service experience, the 10/10 kind, so good I was close to tweeting about it to recognise the company who had delivered it. Today, only 7 days later, I am feeling very frustrated with that same company but it’s not for anything they’ve done…it’s for what they haven’t done.

Last Tuesday I got on the train to London, took out my headphones to shut out the world, and get some work done, only to find them broken. But through the course of that 30 min train ride, I managed to quickly and easily find the company’s website. Through online chat I found out that though the warranty had expired a couple of days prior they would still honour it. Not only that I would be getting the newest upgraded model as a replacement. All I needed to do was return the defective set first, and they’d send me the new ones. I returned it the following day,

Then….nothing, no contact at all and with each trip into London and each web conference I had  without my headphones, my frustration built.

Which got me thinking. As a connected society now, we’re used to updates, we’re used to knowing what’s happening all the time, whether we want to or not: through our social media feeds, on our mobile devices, our push notifications. At times we even get too much information, so when there’s something we really want to know about and we hear nothing it grates, badly.

The company in question spent a lot of money on the chat system I very readily used for my convenience. They spent a lot of money in establishing and training the people that worked there, who were excellent at handling my query. The warranty replacement, which was a nice touch to really establish my loyalty, also cost them money. But a lot of that investment in turning me from a one-time customer to a loyal one has been wasted. Because I had nowhere to go to get an update on my replacement headphones, except back through that support process.

The service gap between the time of the last contact, and the point where the issue is actually resolved can be hours, days or even weeks. Companies who pro-actively keep their customers informed throughout can reap the benefits, both in terms of customer satisfaction but also in operational savings through reduced calls to call centres, online chats and even un-necessary visits to bricks and mortar stores.

At Glympse we help our customers to avoid that same type of frustration by giving them a place to get the latest information anytime they want it, from at-home appointments for broadband and TV, to deliveries of pharmaceuticals, to breakdowns and roadside assistance and beyond. Any time there’s a gap between hanging up the phone, or closing down the chat window and the actual receipt of the product or service.

Doesn’t every customer deserve that type of insight these days?

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