Jerome’s Makes Furniture Delivery Fun with Help From Glympse

Furniture deliveries can be one of the toughest home services to get right. By the time a furniture delivery is on its way, the customer has often been waiting for weeks. Some may even forget it’s finally delivery day after waiting so long!

Plus, predicting an accurate window for when that furniture will arrive can be tough given all the complexities that can arise throughout the day – from extra inventory to rearrange at each stop when earlier customers miss a delivery, to the extra time it takes to maneuver large furniture into place at a customer’s home.

In short, each small complication can create a cascading effect that makes it harder and harder to provide an accurate delivery time as the day goes on, which makes it hard for customers to keep delivery appointments and further compounds the impact down the line…

Jerome’s Furniture, a renowned Southern California furniture retailer focused on white glove service for its 60 years in business, sought a simpler solution to this age old furniture delivery dilemma. Jerome’s turned to Glympse to launch it’s Jerome’s Smart Tracker web service.

You can read the full news release for complete details, but here’s how Jerome’s describes it:

The free program will text customers when their delivery truck is en route and provide a link to an Uber-style map interface along with a countdown timer that tracks its progress down to the second. The first of its kind offered by a furniture retailer, Jerome’s developed the program in partnership with Glympse, the leader in location sharing technology.

Jerome’s worked with Glympse implementation partner VareRU to launch the Smart Tracker quickly. The company immediately saw a 10 percent reduction in customer not at homes. Not only are customers happy to see their delivery representative, but they are prepared. Pets are put away, the room and pathways are cleared of obstructions and customers are waiting at an open door with a smile.

The first solution of its kind in the retail furniture industry, Jerome’s was featured in Retail Customer Experience, Furniture Today and HFN Digital for the innovative initiative.

Are you in the delivery business? What are you doing to give customers practical visibility that makes them happier and saves you money? Tell us in the comments or get in touch.


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