How UAVPAL Uses Glympse to Monitor Quad-Copters and Fixed-Wing Planes Over Long Distances

Guest Post by Marc Bühler, Founder and Main Contributor at UAVPAL

Hi there, my name is Marc and I live and work in Singapore.

I am the founder of, a community platform that flies remote controlled (RC) drones, such as quad-copters and fixed-wing planes, via mobile data networks (4G/LTE). Broadly what this means is, our software enables an RC pilot to fly his quad/plane over virtually unlimited distances. Apart from controlling a drone over a long distance, the pilot can even see the live video stream from the drone’s camera in real-time. All of this involves some modification using nerdy and geeky codes and some minor hardware addons to be able to use the cell tower infrastructure (the very same towers which mobile phones use). The maximum distance we have seen so far on a fixed-wing drone using our solution is almost a hundred miles! The only restriction is basically the battery capacity. While this is awesome for hobbyists flying long-range first-person view (FPV), it can also support Search and Rescue missions or commercial mapping applications for e.g. the farming industry.

Flashback: I always liked to meet my friends for lunch and try out new places and restaurants. However, sometimes one cannot find the meeting point, or we changed our mind due to a long queue at the restaurant. And sometimes, we even required several calls until we were all able to meet at the same place. That’s how I came to know about Glympse a couple of years ago when looking for a smart and easy solution to our restaurant meet-up problem.

When we designed and developed the solution, I remembered the ease and convenience of Glympse for my personal life. And Glympse was also the only solution to meet all of our requirements to make 4G/LTE RC flying possible the easy way. Basically, it offers the pilot live location tracking of the drone in the air. In other words, he can view the exact location of the drone on a map during all times!

The integration of Glympse with its clean and well-documented API is straight-forward and the support team has been prompt and extremely helpful in making our implementation a success.






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