Hotel Courtesy Shuttles Can Become a Marketing Roadblock

The complimentary hotel shuttle is a huge convenience for travelers. It can make getting around considerably easier and more economical. Whether it’s an airport transfer, or a free ride to downtown or site seeing attractions, this amenity can be the difference-maker for potential guests evaluating multiple hotels.
In fact, courtesy shuttles are such a valuable, impactful amenity that hotels often prominently feature shuttle services in their marketing materials. Despite how attractive the idea of a courtesy shuttle may be, guests using this service often experience stress, uncertainty and feel that they waste a lot of time while waiting around for the next pickup. This friction can quickly devalue the entire experience. In the worst cases, a poor shuttle experience can even become a deciding factor for guests considering whether to book again in the future.
At Glympse, we feel pretty strongly that this is an area that needs improvement that we helped write an article on it with Hospitality Technology. The article, titled “Hotel Courtesy Shuttles Can Become a Marketing Roadblock,” was published October 4, 2018.
If a free courtesy shuttle is one of the top services you market to bring guests to your venue, it’s worth investing to make that top service a positive experience that brings repeat visits instead of negative reviews.  We think your guests will agree.
Interested in learning more about the solutions Glympse offers to help bring your shuttle experience to the next level? Check out our product brief on the Glympse Courtesy Shuttle Tracker.

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