For Restaurants, Online Orders and In-Store Pickup Are In; Phone Calls and Deliveries are Out

We sat down with our CEO Chris Ruff to get his perspective on changes in the restaurant and food ordering industry. In speaking with the world’s largest restaurant and pizza brands across the country each day, he’s picked up some critical insight to help answer our number one question:

How can restaurants retain customers despite aggressive competition in the food delivery space?

“It’s really all about the empowered consumer,” says Chris, “And them being in charge of how and why they want to purchase things.”

According to Chris, giving customers the tools to engage with your restaurant digitally and making their orders available on-demand are how you do just that. Specifically, designing a smart in-store or curbside pickup process that makes ordering online and then collecting that takeout seamless is where restaurants need to focus.

In his recent Fortune article, John Kell reports, “The percentage of orders booked online or using a smartphone or tablet app—now 6.6% of the total—exceeded the quantity placed verbally over the telephone (5%).”

The impact, according to Kell, is that “digital transformation is bringing a host of challenges—and many are resolutely non-digital. They range from the need to rethink the design of some restaurants and kitchens to creating containers that will keep more types of food crisp and fresh while they’re being transported, since orders placed via app are often delivered to homes and offices.”

Restaurant Insider’s Mitchell Hall also comments on the in-store implications of the digital ordering trend. He writes, “With today’s consumers spending ever more time on their smartphones, online ordering makes take-out simpler and more convenient. Restaurants with online ordering are catering to a generation of consumers that are not used to waiting.

That’s exactly the point that hits home for Glympse, and which Chris speaks to in our complete video interview with him. The growth of digital ordering is naturally going to prompt new expectations for carry out, and restaurants are going to need to think more like their impatient, on-the-go customer base and less like a traditional restaurant operation in order to stay relevant.

Watch the entire video interview with Glympse CEO Chris Ruff on Vimeo or below:

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