3 Reasons Quality Beats Convenience in Food Delivery

Quality Beats Convenience

Ok, let’s be real. Convenience is always going to be the number one reason to order takeout from a fast-casual restaurant. Doesn’t matter if you choose to have it delivered, or order online and pick it up (what’s known as click and collect to our friends in the UK). It’s all about enjoying that delicious deliciousness from the comfort of your couch and fuzzy slippers, while you work through lunch or [insert favorite eating and multitasking activity here].

But if there’s anything the flurry of big moves in the food delivery space has taught us, it’s that convenient food delivery is about to be so ubiquitous that it will be table stakes no matter what food you make. The winners will be restaurants who find a way offer a top-notch, dine-in level experience in addition to convenient pickup and delivery options. Wendy’s and DoorDash get it.

Here are three reasons quality beats convenience and why you can’t ignore it when building your to-go order experience.

1. The bar starts at oven-fresh. Lukewarm coffee, cold pizza and soggy burger buns aren’t gonna cut it anymore. The location technology’s there to orchestrate orders to appear just as customers arrive for pickup, or at the very least to ensure they aren’t sitting under the warmer waiting for a delayed delivery professional.

2. You can definitely make that extra side of ranch appear out of thin air. That moment when you get your order confirmation, and then remember that one tiny thing you FORGOT…it’s the worst. Delivery trackers should be sophisticated enough for customers to add to their orders, perhaps even from a list of standard on-demand, always-available menu items. Cable technicians always have extra set-top boxes (STB) and remotes, why wouldn’t you stock extra soda?

3. People make their own ambiance now. Restaurants have spent years and millions refining dine-in experiences to appeal to customers. Today, customers are redefining where they like to share a meal. Whether it’s at their home, office, the park or the strip mall while they’re waiting for an oil change, you can’t forget that quality carryout means meeting customers where they are, at any moment of the day.

Convenience is important, but quality beats convenience in the end. How are you building an exceptional, quality delivery and carry out experience? Tell us in the comments!


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