Further Engage Your Audience
with Day-of-Service Advertising

Serve ads to your customers with perfect timing.

Our “day of service” advertising feature enables you to deliver targeted ads to an audience that is already engaged with your brand. As your customer checks the app for their service technician arrival time or in the exciting moments as they watch for updates on their order delivery, you can serve them relevant and timely ads based on their current purchase.

Upsell to your customers during their app dwell time.

With a customer’s average dwell time of 6-9 minutes in our app, the Glympse advertising feature allows you to upsell or cross-sell by strategically delivering messages in the moments when a customer is most likely to act.

When a customer engages with an ad, notifications can be immediately delivered to your staff so they can follow up with the customer and complete the purchase on the spot. Notifications can be delivered to any system and in any form, such as SMS and email. Ads can be created and used for a variety of purposes, such as upselling on a product or service add-on or offering discounts on future orders and appointments.

The metrics you need, sent right to you.

We deliver metrics right to you. These metrics show you which ads perform best with stats for impressions, clicks, sales conversions, ROI, and more. We average a 2% CTR (click-through rate) and a 6-8% sales conversion rate for customers currently using this product.

Tap into new income streams to grow revenue through advertising with Glympse

Leverage the advertising feature and the Glympse platform to meet your customer where they are in their journey. Our in-app advertising delivers your targeted ads to a fully engaged audience.