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The Sky's the Limit
There's no limit to what the Glympse platform can integrate with for a more connected world. All we need now is you. If you'd like to see what tomorrow looks like with Glympse, let's talk about it, today.
What Everywhere Means
See where mom is or when dinner will arrive, right from the Glympse Map in the Samsung Family Hub™ connected fridge. Ask your Amazon Echo where your children are. View a Glympse on your TV while watching a movie. Use location data via Glympse to flip the lights on and turn up the heat in your house as you pull in the driveway. The Glympse platform connects you through
everything you use most, to everyone you care about,
from everywhere you are.
On an even bigger scale
Comcast, the world's largest cable provider, is using Glympse to close the wait-window on service calls. Pizza Hut is relying on Glympse to provide more accurate delivery times. Our universal platform is proving it's both easy and cost efficient to implement into any legacy system. Improving customer
experience is a powerful ROI.
Beyond the App
Trusted brands trust Glympse to seamlessly integrate into their products and services — cars, planes, wearables, navigation, embedded messaging apps, home IoT devices and more — by industry leaders who see the future, and understand the value of partnering with us.
Evolving the App
Our universal location-sharing app has grown into an even easier, smarter, and more cohesive way to share the where with your world. In 2017, we will be launching a customizeable map, which is just one of the exciting features in our new private groups platform. Private groups enable you to share with and view those you care about, identify favorite places, see connected cars, home IoT devices, and even chosen third party services and deliveries, all together on one dynamic map.

SDK currently available for partners. App release date: Early 2017

Welcome to Glympse

Glympse, the leader in real-time location sharing technology, is becoming the standard in connecting you with the people and brands you love, from the things you use most. With new customizable group-based innovations in our popular consumer app, growing IoT integrations from connected car to home, and our many enterprise solutions, Glympse is bringing the location conversation to a whole new level.

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