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Glympse transforms deliveries from frustrating, low-visibility gaps in the customer journey into highly engaging customer experiences. When 95 percent of consumers say product delivery trackers and similar tools that provide real time location tracking and delivery ETAs are useful, you know simple notifications and static trackers aren’t enough anymore.

We’ll help you build a branded last mile delivery tracker that goes far beyond basic updates with elements like options to reschedule a delivery, integrated advertising, direct messaging to delivery representatives and more.

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Once their order’s placed, customers receive an SMS, email or PUSH notification containing a link to view their unique Glympse-powered order tracker.

They’ll see their scheduled delivery date and time, a detailed order summary, options to add to their calendar or reschedule, and any other information you’d like to provide.

A live tracking view shows real-time location on a map, an ETA countdown, driver details and more – cloaked views can add a layer of privacy while preserving visibility.

While your customers are engaged and watching, present them with timely offers or inform them of new programs and initiatives – show them you deserve their attention!

Whether it’s to confirm an unattended delivery has arrived or show appreciation with an exclusive perk, Glympse confirms a delivery’s complete and collects immediate feedback.

Best. Delivery. Ever.

The Glympse Journey keeps customers informed with clear, real-time location visibility they can trust. It gives them a direct line of communication to you, and empowers them with tools to fit their delivery into their schedule. They won’t have ever have to manage their day around a delivery again. Step-by-step reminders to check back in, a fully responsive branded web experience, a continuously updated and accurate ETA and a live map view of orders on the way removes last mile uncertainty, raises satisfaction and lowers your costs. How about a 20 percent reduction in customer not-at-homes?

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Everyone Wants to Track Their Delivery

Online order tracking is essential during a time when 86 percent of consumers shop online. Looking ahead, mobile commerce will add even more complexity. Consumers will shop online and order online right from their mobile device. Today that means they expect to receive updates about the status of their order when they’re mobile along with a real time map view of that order on the way. Soon they’ll expect to check in anywhere and share real time location so that delivery can meet them anywhere they choose to be at the scheduled arrival time. Parks, coffee shops, to the trunk of a connected automobile: online delivery trackers will guarantee online order fulfillment happens on each customer’s own terms.

On Demand Ordering Requires On Demand Visibility

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